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Privacy preserving Web Monetization

No accounts. No hassle. Just seamless integration with any Cashu ecash wallet for effortless API data transactions.

Focus on solving bigger problems


No Account Needed

Access or monetize API data directly using tokens without the need for account setups.

Ecash Wallet Integration

Smooth transactions with ProxNut's integration with any Cashu ecash wallet.

Resource Protection

Protect your API data endpoints and set your token price effortlessly.

Use sensitive data without sacrificing privacy

Join, contribute, and enhance PROXNUT with our vibrant developer and support community.

Anonymous Monetization

Seamlessly integrates with the Cashu ecash wallet to facilitate effortless API data transactions. Here's how it operates between the frontend and backend, in conjunction with the Lightning Network:

  • User Request to access or monetize API data.
  • Backend Verificationverifies the token's validity.
  • Transact on Lightning ensures fast, low-cost, and secure txs.
  • Data Access or Denial to requested API data.

Intuitive Dashboard

Unlock the power of comprehensive data management with PROXNUT. Review and control traffic, monetize content effortlessly, and tailor access for your network with precision.

  • Data Performance reviews, controll & drive traffic.
  • Coordinate Forward Proxy, monetize & sell online.
  • Manage Reverse Proxy, limited access to sites.
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Testimonial 04

PROXNUT has completely transformed the way I approach web resource monetization. Its seamless integration with Cashu ecash wallet is a game-changer. Highly recommended for anyone looking to monetize their content without the usual hassles.

Testimonial 05

Fetching data from APIs has always been a challenge, but PROXNUT's no-account approach simplifies the process. It's efficient, user-friendly, and a must-have for data professionals.

Testimonial 06

As a content creator, PROXNUT has opened up new revenue streams for me. The ability to set my token price and protect my valuable content is invaluable. Plus, the community support is top-notch!"

Testimonial 07

Managing access to specific sites within our network has never been easier. PROXNUT's reverse proxy feature is robust and offers the customization we needed. A fantastic tool for IT professionals.

Testimonial 08

Selling online with PROXNUT is a breeze. The platform's forward proxy feature allows me to monetize my products effectively. It's a game-changer for online businesses.

Testimonial 09

I've tried various tools for data management, but PROXNUT stands out. Its comprehensive features, from data performance reviews to monetizing content, make it a one-stop solution. Kudos to the team for creating such a versatile tool!

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